When selecting a firm to provide an executive relocation service you should be aware that there can be quite a difference in the scope of services that companies offer. I would recommend you ask the following questions as part of your research/interview process.

Size of firm

If you want a bespoke and customised service that meets your specific relocation requirements then you are often better to deal with a smaller firm. Australian Relocation Managers recently assisted a client relocate from the UK. We were one of several executive relocation service providers that the client interviewed as part of his selection process. After completing his interview process, he decided to contract us to provide executive relocation services to him and his family. One of the key reasons that he selected the Australian Relocation Managers was the fact that we are a small, bespoke firm. Our clients are allocated one staff member who assists them throughout the entire relocation process.

How long has the business been offering  an executive relocation service for?

You want an executive relocation service provider that has the experience, understands the local marketplace and has good connections with local real-estate agents.

How do they charge for their executive relocation service?

This is a really important question. You also want to ask if they offer full “open book” disclosure about all of the cost incurred as part of the relocation process. I have heard of companies adding a “mark-up” onto services such as shipping and removal invoices.

Do they offer a single point of contact?

Do you deal with the same person throughout your entire relocation? Again, from a consistence point of view, it is really important that you deal with the same person throughout your entire relocation.

Do they offer ongoing support once you have moved?

If you are a busy executive working long hours, then you often don’t have time to unpack and set up your home or purchase furniture and other items. Australian Relocation Managers offers a totally unique service. We are the only company to offer a personal concierge service that provides ongoing assistance to our clients once they have relocated. We organise things like cleaners, gardeners, personal chefs, grocery shopping. bill paying etc.

This ensures that our clients can concentrate on their new job. They don’t have to worry about organising often time consuming tasks. Our clients have access to our tried and trusted suppliers. We will wait for and supervise the Foxtel man at your home whilst you’re at work. We can do your grocery shopping (and even pack it away for you) and book all your personal appointments. We find that clients who have recently relocated to a new city don’t have the network of contacts or the time to organise these services. Therefore our personal concierge has become an invaluable service for our executive clients.

Require an Executive Relocation Service in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth

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