Relocation Services

Relocation Services

We’re a bespoke relocation company that provides customised relocation services for busy executives, families and individuals who are relocating from overseas or locally from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth.

Executive Relocation Services

A key component of our executive relocation services is the rental property search, where we help you find a rental property that suits your lifestyle, budget and situation.  It may be that you’re moving from another city or country and don’t know the local market well.  Or perhaps you don’t have the time to search on your own.  We offer flexible services where we can be your partner in the rental property search or manage the process almost entirely on your behalf.

Here’s how our executive relocation service works:

  • We begin the rental property search program by getting you to complete our relocation needs analysis.  Not only do we want to know about the sort of property you’re looking for, but also about your lifestyle, your priorities, your commute, and the needs of your family in applicable.  This helps us to identify suburbs of interest, so we can concentrate the search.
  • Once you have completed this form, you to speak with your Relocation Agent. As part of our relocation service we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. So if required we can  chat after hours or on the weekend if that suits you better to accommodate your schedule and time zone.
  • Once we’ve narrowed down the area, we then rental property research listings and contact agents to find out what’s available, both on and off market.  Our understanding of the market ensures that we ask the right questions of the agent.  The information we glean there, combined with our knowledge of local neighbourhoods, public transport, schools, etc.. means that no one’s time is wasted inspecting a property that simply doesn’t fit your key criteria.
  • In an accompanied rental property search we collect and return you to your accommodation or work for all inspections.  While at the property we point out key features that may or may not fit your brief, and we act as an extra set of eyes and ears. As we have been doing this for years, we know what to look out for.
  • If you’re not in a position to visit properties yourself, then we will inspect on your behalf.  We will provide detailed notes and, wherever possible, video the rental property.   (If you think a real estate listing can tell you everything you need to know about a property, see our tab on ‘Real Estate vs Reality’).
  • We then guide clients through the application process, giving you the best possible chance at success.  Whether you are single, a couple or a family with multiple pets relocating, we know what agents are looking for in terms of information, and we know what helps a client to stand out from the crowd.  This is an important leg up in a tight rental market.
  • We then assist and provide guidance with the final steps in the tenancy application – lease, bond and utilities, etc.
  • Additional relocation services can include completing the condition report, organising rental furniture, providing short term accommodation options, organising a removalist, packing and unpacking help and so much more.

Relocation Services

We offer a comprehensive range of executive relocation services including:


Departure Assistance

One phone call and your entire move is organised.

We can project manage every aspect of your move. As part of our departure assistance services, we organise everything needed to execute your move:

  • Liaise with your real-estate agent
  • Manage end of lease requirements including lease breaks if required
  • Return keys to your real estate agent
  • Attend the final inspection of your leased property
  • Facilitate the return of your Bond
  • Organise removal, storage and insurance quotes
  • Arrange vacate and carpet cleaning or rubbish removal
  • Co-ordinate utility disconnections and arrangement final payments
  • Declutter and get you ready to move house
  • Sell any unwanted items i.e. furniture on eBay
  • House packing and unpacking – Our all female team can pack up your home in a day
  • Arrange any maintenance work at your property to ensure you get your bond returned
  • Organise change of address requirements


Travel, Transfers and Temporary Accommodation

We work with you to coordinate services such as:

  • Flights
  • Airport pick-ups
  • Hire cars
  • Temporary accommodation

Rental Property Sourcing

Get the full details on our Rental Property Sourcing services here >>


Rental Furniture Hire

We can organise the hire of rental furniture in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth whilst you are waiting for the  shipments of you own goods to arrive.

This takes away the need for expensive serviced apartments or hotels and gets you settled into your new home quicker. Our executive relocation service ensures all goods are installed and set up as required with the beds made and television sets tuned and working. We can provide:

  • Crockery and cutlery
  • Kitchen items
  • Electrical and entertainment appliances
  • Linen
  • Homewares
  • Beds and sofa’s
  • All whitegoods and
  • Outdoor furniture to enjoy the excellent Australian climate.


School Searches

We can work with clients to organise all school requirements, including primary and secondary schools.

A personalised approach is adopted to ensure the unique qualities of each child are taken into consideration. A detailed profile of each child and the family is obtained during the initial research and placement phases. The highest level of respect, integrity, empathy and confidentiality is fundamental to the service. Therefore we customise programs to meet the specific needs of each client and their family, including:

  • Questionnaire
  • Consultation
  • Research
  • Appointment Schedule
  • Admissions Facilitation
  • Accompanied Visits (half day)* with our Education Consultant
  • Follow up


Pet Moving

We can organize door- to-door pet relocation, anywhere in the world. We work with trusted transport companies who are dedicated to animal lovers providing interstate and international pet relocation.

They treat your pet as a VIP and will tailor our client’s animal transport needs to suit your budget. Available travel packages include transporting your animal to, from or around Australia. They can provide expert advice on:

  • Destination country entry requirements;
  • Documentation required for entry and exit;
  • Most suitable travel container for optimal comfort;
  • Most direct route.

Our trusted pet transport company also specialise in helping with overseas pet transportation. Each and every dog or a cat brought into Australia will require a permit. These permits are issued from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

As you might expect there is a strict protocol in place relating to the process. They assist in helping to obtain the necessary permits on your behalf, ensuring a smooth entry into Australia for your loved one.


House Packing and Unpacking

Professional, All Female Home Packing and Unpacking Staff

There’s no random people packing up your personal belongings. We have a team of trained, trusted and professional ladies that will pack or unpack your house in a day. With our house packing service we can pack up the whole house, or just do the kitchen. There is no need to live with boxes everywhere in the new house because you don’t have time to unpack them – we’ll unpack your moving boxes for you.

Our professional packing staff is experienced at home organising, decluttering, house packing and unpacking. They have a sense of style, are trustworthy and practical, logical thinkers and love setting up houses. They take great pride in packing, unpacking and setting up client’s homes. They are also quick and efficient at packing and unpacking homes, saving you not only money but also lots of time and hassle as well.

We find that each house pack or unpack is different, so we will discuss your specific needs and requirements with you before we start unpacking. That way, you can be sure that your home is unpacked and set up exactly the way you like it.

We can take care of the entire house move, or assist with just part of the pack or unpack, or even just one room.

House Unpacking Assistance

As part of our house unpacking service, we can

  • Unpack all your cartons and packing boxes and take away the rubbish
  • Logically set up your kitchen, pantry and cupboards
  • Colour coordinate your linen cupboard
  • Make your beds and organise your wardrobes
  • Sort out your bathroom and laundry areas
  • Arrange your furniture and style your home
  • Stock your fridge and even arrange dinner for your first night

Imagine arriving at your new home to find all your boxes unpacked, rubbish removed, the beds made and dinner organised. Australian Relocation Managers can do just that and so much more for you.

Packing Supplies and Removal Boxes

As part of our removal service we can organise boxes for moving and packaging supplies, including second hand removal boxes or environmentally friendly packaging material that you can hire for the move. We can also organise other house packing material such as white paper, tape and porter-a-robes. We can also arrange to take away all the unpacked cartons and packing boxes.

Decluttering Assistance

Why pack and move items that you haven’t used for years and may not use for years to come? Moving house provides the perfect opportunity to go through and declutter and clean out of all your old items that are no longer required. We offer a comprehensive home organising and decluttering service. We can declutter your wardrobes and cupboards, getting you ready to move house. This is especially important if you are downsizing and moving into a smaller property.


Settling in Services

Once we have found our clients a new home we can provide more detailed information to help them settle in quicker such as information on:

  • Public transport services
  • Highway tolls
  • Opening back accounts
  • Obtaining credit cards
  • Local medical facilities and Medicare
  • House and contents insurance
  • Shopping centres
  • Recreation and leisure activities
  • Local shopping


Personal Concierge & Virtual PA Services

Once you have moved in, you have access to our personal concierge & virtual PA services. As your personal concierge & virtual PA support services (commonly referred to as lifestyle management) we can organise what you don’t have time to do. Often if clients are new to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane of Perth, they don’t have the contacts and network base.

We are not re-inventing the wheel, as we have professionally organised many tasks thousands of times before, so we know who the best suppliers are for the right job. Whether it’s finding a reliable cleaner or organizing to have your pictures hung, we have got the right contacts and can organise things quickly and efficiently. Having done this since 2005 we are experienced and have a wealth of knowledge to share with our clients. We will have you organised in no time. Here’s a sample of the personal concierge tasks we organise regularly for our clients:

  • Catering
  • Weekly grocery shopping (we can even pack it away)
  • Arrange home delivered meals

General Errands / Virtual PA Service

  • Cleaning service
  • Dry cleaning drop off and pick up
  • Ironing, garment/shoe repairs etc.
  • Mail collection/redirection
  • Gift sourcing
  • Book appointments
  • Pay bills
  • Book restaurant reservations, theatre tickets etc.


  • Airport transfers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth
  • Organise weekend escapes, holidays
  • Chauffeur or hire cars
  • Travel insurance
  • Fun travel itineraries

For more information on our Personal Concierge & Virtual PA services click here.