Executive Relocation Services

Our executive relocation services specialise in relocating executives from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Why choose our executive relocation services

We have been providing executive relocation services since 2005 (under The Lifestylers Group). Australian Relocation Managers focuses solely on executive relocations. Whether it’s an individual or an executive with their family, we can assist.

We have a great team of staff that have relocated hundreds of happy clients.

We offer a complete relocation solution for our clients.

Our “after care” is excellent

Executive clients have access to our personal concierge service which provides ongoing support.

What you can expect from our executive relocation services

  • Personalised service to meet the exact needs of each executive we help relocate.
  • Local and experienced Relocation Consultants who work one-on-one with clients.
  • From our first consultation, we spend the time going through a detailed “needs analysis” with each client. We then work with them to make their move a success; personally managing every aspect of the relocation process for them. Helping executives to relocate is our passion. Whether our executives are looking for a family home, apartment or temporary/short term accommodation, we love helping people find their dream home.


Hear from some clients who have used our executive relocation service

 How our Executive Relocation Services Support the HR Team

We can create and deliver employee relocation programs that are customized to meet the corporate goals, objectives and budget or each company that we work with.  Our Relocation Agents, all of whom are experienced professionals then manages these executive relocation programs ensuring all the KIP’s requirements are achieved.

Our role is to ensure that executives transition into their location with minimum stress and allow them to remain focused on activities which increase their business.