Moving Interstate? Savvy Tips For A Stress-Free Experience

Australia is such a large country with so many and varied opportunities that it is not unusual for locals to move from one state to the other looking for better work and life opportunities, new challenges or simply a new life. Moving homes can be stressing and things can escalate easily when your new home is in a different state. If you’re planning an interstate move, this article is packed with savvy tips to help you have anything under control for a stress-free experience.

Moving Tip #1: Major Clean-up Time

Moving interstate implies doing a lot of packing so it is highly advisable to spend a couple of weeks beforehand throwing away everything that you don’t need, haven’t used for years and that you won’t be needing nor using in your new home. Doing this will simplify your life when packing time arrives. Needless to say, you can sell many of these things in a garage sale or over the Internet, thus earning some extra money that will be really valuable as you’re moving to a new state.

Moving Tip #2: Cope Effectively with Moving Interstate

Starting a new life in a new state will definitely be a major impact on you as well as on the lives of any family members of loved ones you’re moving with.Try to establish new friendships as soon as possible after moving interstate as it will help you adjust better to your new surroundings.

Bear in mind that you’ll have to juggle multiple things almost at the same time prior to moving interstate, during the move and after your move. In order to avoid feeling overwhelmed with so many additional and crucial responsibilities, take your time to plan every single aspect of your move well ahead. It will help you establish priorities and reduce the overall stress. Delegate on others you trust anything that you can’t handle yourself!

If you’re moving with children, it’s imperative that you keep track on how they are coping. Even though they are usually quite resilient and see the whole process as a new and exciting family adventure, make sure they understand what they’re going to leave behind and look for any sign of stress. Keeping them involved with as many aspects of the move as possible, giving them age-appropriate tasks and the chance to say goodbye to their friends are great ideas.

Moving Tip #3: Choose Your Relocation Company Wisely

It is essential that you rely on an experienced and trusted company specialised in interstate removals for your interstate move. They are experts in the field and they have helped hundreds if not thousands of people and families in your same situation and can help you handle some of the multiple tasks that the process implies.

For example, they may remind you of some quarantine restrictions you may not be aware of or they may offer safe store facilities where you can keep part of your stuff while you settle in your new home.

That said, take your time and do a thorough research of interstate movers. In order to get an accurate quote, do a thorough list of everything you need to pack.

Moving Tip #4: Pack For Your Move in a Non-Traumatic Way

Organisation and preparation can make of packing for your move a much less traumatic experience. Plan ahead! Think about everything you need to pack, when you’re going to do it and stick to your schedule. It is ideal that you start packing around three weeks ahead of your move.

As a priority, you should get hold of packing materials. Your interstate moving company will provide you with packing materials but it is advisable that you have some extra resistant cardboard boxes and baskets at hand just in case not to mention all your suitcases and backpacks.

Start by packing those items that you don’t use daily and that you won’t be using before you move such as delicate glassware and other delicate items. Make sure you protect them properly as they’ll need to arrive intact to your new home and they have a long trip ahead.

Packing your electronic equipment needs special attention. It is important that not only they can be transported safely but also that you can set them up again quickly and easily. Labelling wires before disconnecting them and packing them together with the device they belong to can release you of unnecessary stress in your new home.

Remember to have at hand any phone number of people you may need to speak to during the move. It can be a good idea to have the contact details for: the real estate agent or landlord of your new home and the main office of your removalist firm.

Pack your things methodically. Go room by room and label each box carefully stating the room it belongs and its contents. It will make unpacking much easier and it will help you tell the interstate movers know which room of your new home each box should be taken to.

Moving Tip #5: Tie Any Loose End

With so many things to handle, it is easy to leave loose ends. Tell friends and family that you’re moving: when you’ll start living in your new address, your full address and your landline number.

Make sure your current electricity, gas or water suppliers know the date when you’re moving out and where you’ll be moving to. There are companies that specialise in these issues and they can even arrange the connection of these utilities in your new home. Inform your telco and mobile services provider when you’ll be moving and where to. They have different packages for having your phone connected to your new home. Have all your post redirected to your new address at least for the next six months so you don’t miss any important post.

It is also important that you have a conversation with your bank about moving interstate, especially if you work with smaller banks that may not have branches in your new state.

Remember that Medicare, Australian Taxation Office, Centrelink and the Australian Electoral Commission are some of the other institutions that need to know about your move.

We hope that these well-explained tips encourage you to move interstate. Remember that if you plan things carefully and tie any loose end, it can be an exciting and stress-free process.

Moving Tip #6: Finding a Rental Property

Finding a rental property in another state can be tricky, especially if you want to move straight into a rental property when you arrive at your new destination. Engaging the services of an experienced relocation agent, to help find a rental property for you, can really take the pressure off you when moving interstate. They can research and inspect rental properties on your behalf. They also have the local knowledge and know all about the suburbs you would and wouldn’t want to live in. If you need to find a rental property interstate, then using a relocation agent may be the ideal solution for you.

Good luck with your interstate move. If you need assistance with any aspect of your interstate relocation, then don’t hesitate to contact Australian Relocation Managers, because we love helping people to move.

Happy relocation!

Natalie Morey