Australian Relocation Managers provides executive relocation assistance to clients moving to Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth). These 7 relocation tips cover just some of the many issues that you need to consider when relocating to a new country.

7 Relocation Tips:

  • Don’t leave packing to the last minute
  • Get several moving quotes. You may be surprised at the difference in prices
  • Arrange temporary accommodation well before leaving
  • Research the exchange rates d the cost of living
  • Use your contacts to find a job for your partner
  • Start thinking about, and understanding what culture shock means. It helps to be prepared.
  • Invest in an experienced relocation agent / rental property sourcing agent who can help you in the perfect rental property.

7 Moving Tips

Don’t leave packing to the last minute

Organisation is the key to a stress-free move. Pack items that you do not use on a regular basis as soon as you can. Write itemised lists detailing what each box contains.

Get several moving quotes

Moving is big (and expensive business). Do your research and make sure you meet with several moving companies. This is especially important if you are relocating internationally. Also, ensure you fully understand what sort of insurance cover each company offers. You don’t want to get caught out with this, once you have relocated.

Arrange temporary accommodation before moving

Book appropriate temporary accommodation at your new destination well before you arrive.

It’s nice to know that when you land at the airport you are organised with a couple of week’s accommodation. You should also be aware that it often takes a couple of weeks to find a rental property, so at least you won’t have to worry if you already have a place to stay at.

You also need to be aware that if there are major events happening like the Melbourne Cup, Grand Prix etc. that accommodation may be booked out well in advance.

Research exchange rates

Relocating to a new country can be expensive. It is a good idea to research the exchange rate of your new home country, as well as the cost of living before you relocate. This will help you manage your finances better. It will also be one less challenge to worry about while you are settling in.

Use your contacts to find a job for your partner

If your spouse is having difficulty starting a new career in your new country, then speak to your business contacts and other people you meet, as they may offer useful advice or know of job vacancies.

Use a Relocation Agent 

Australian Relocation Managers offers comprehensive executive relocation assistance. Our 7 relocation tips provide an insight into some of the common issues you need to be aware of when relocating. Obviously, there are many issues that need to be considered when you relocate to another country. If you need executive relocation assistance, then contact us.