When you move into a rental property, you will be given a rental property condition report. Whilst the name of the actual document might be slightly different if you are renting in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth the actual purpose of the document is the same.

Condition reports protect both landlords and renters so they are an important document. The condition report provides conclusive evidence about the state of the property and they can be used to defend your interests in the event a bond claim is made.

Tips on completing rental property condition report:

  • Take the time to correctly fill out your condition report.
  • Go through the report, room by room noting any marks, dents and issues not already listed on the condition report.
  • The completed condition report must be signed and returned within a certain number of business days from the occupancy date. For example, if you are renting in Melbourne (Victoria) it is three days and in Sydney (NSW) it is seven days.
  • Check with your realestate agent as to when the condition report needs to be returned by.
  • Ensure it is also signed by your landlord or realestate agent and make sure you keep a copy.
  • If photos of any issues or defects have not been taken, then I recommend you take photos, attach them to the condition report, or email them to your realestate agent or landlord.
  • Then, make sure you file them in a safe spot so when you go to vacate you have them as reference. Proof of any issues will avoid you having to pay for existing damage to the property when you go to vacate.

Updating the rental property condition report

It’s also important to mention that if you have issues with the property whilst you are renting it, remember to keep the agent informed. You can read more about the issues a client had when we helped relocate him out of his rental property.

I know it can take a while to complete a rental property condition report. I have completed many of them on behalf of clients after we have found them the perfect rental property and moved them in. But it’s definitely worth spending the time doing it thoroughly.

Help completing a rental property condition report is just one of the things we can assist you with as part of our relocation services. Whether you are based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth Australian Relocation Managers can help you. We are the experts at helping people to find rental properties and move them in36