If you are looking for a rental property in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth and own a pet then it’s going to be more difficult. Sorry to tell you this, but renting with pets is more difficult. Hopefully though, armed with these tips, it might help make it easier for you to find a rental property for you and your pet.

Renting with pets

Renting with pets

Be honest

There’s no point in lying and saying that you don’t have a pet because there is a fair chance that the landlord will find out. Astute realestate agents will often pick up if there is a pet living at the property when they do their property inspection. Plus, you never know who’s living next door. We recently helped relocate an owner out of his property which he is now renting out. However, they still have friends in the street who “keep an eye” on the property. So you never know who is watching.

Also, the last thing you don’t want to do is breach your lease agreement. Be upfront and be honest. Plus you never know if the landlord is a pet lover who might be more accepting of tenants with pets.

Give the Realestate agent no excuses

You want to ensure that you have a great rental history and always pay your rent on time.

Most renters don’t know this but there is a National Tenancy Database which Realestate agents have access to. It is a national database that records the negative rental history of tenants. So if you have had a pet in a previous property and it was trashed when you vacated and your bond was not returned, then chances are you will be listed on this database. So the message here is, do the right thing and your name won’t make it onto the National Tenancy Database.

Manage your expectations

One of the first things I discuss with clients who engage us to help find a rental property when they have a pet is about their expectations. The reality is that you will have less rental properties to choose from. So for example if there was 20 suitable properties available as soon as there is a pet this will reduce down to about 7 or 8 properties. So you need to be flexible and understand that you will most likely have fewer properties to choose from because they won’t all be pet friendly.

Renting with pets – Broaden your search

Being flexible with regards to which suburb you are prepared to live in is also very helpful. So be open to broadening your suburb range.  Areas further away from city centres often tend to have more properties suitable for pets, and more pet friendly landlords.


Persistence is the key when you are trying to find a rental property with a pet. Don’t get your heart set on a particular place. Be prepared that you may need to apply for several rental properties, before you finally get offered a rental property.

Save time and use 1Form

If you have ever completed a rental application you will know that it can take quite some time to complete. Our statistics indicate that often you may not be offered the first place you apply for which means you will have to complete more rental application forms. To save time use www.1form.com.au. It still takes the same amount of time to set up the initial application, but if you need to apply for other properties then it takes know time at all to apply for any subsequent rental properties.

Offer to pay a pet pond

You could offer a pay a pet bond to cover any potential damage caused by your pets. This often gives the owner more piece of mind.

Renting with pets

We have lots of other suggestions that we recommend our clients do when they are renting with pets and need to find a rental property. If you are looking for a rental property in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, then contact the Australian Relocation Managers.