Considering a move to Perth? Here is some things to know about moving to Perth.

As a city, Perth has everything you need for a  great lifestyle. Over 3000 hours of sunshine a year, friendly locals, historic attractions, a relaxed alfresco dining offering world class food and wine and beautiful beach.

Things to know about moving to Perth

Things to know about moving to Perth

Moving to Perth and Perth’s Climate

Perth Australia has a sunny Mediterranean style climate with an average of eight hours of sunshine per day. Summers are hot and dry although not devoid of rain with occasional short lived thunder storms throughout the season. The hottest month is generally February, and the coolest is July and August. Winters are cool and wet, with most of Perth’s annual rainfall falling between May and September. Spring is a particularly lovely time to visit, with warm and clear conditions. If you are moving to Perth you can expect it to be typically hotter than Melbourne and Sydney for most of the year.

Perth’s Time Zone

Western Australia is on Western Standard Time (WST) and is one and a half hours behind South Australia and the Northern Territory and two hours behind all other states. Keep in mind that when daylight savings comes into effect from October to March, the time differences may increase by one hour because of daylight saving depending on which state you are coming from within Australia.

Public Transport in Perth

When moving to Perth its good to know that Perth is home to a fully-integrated public transport system, which means you won’t need different tickets/passes for each type. It covers the busses, trains and ferries all the way throughout the city.

To use public transport including buses, trains, and ferries in Perth, it’s recommended that you purchase a Transperth SmartRider card. You can purchase a SmartRider card at Transperth InfoCentres and SmartRider retail outlets. Your SmartRider card entitles you to a fare discount and a daily maximum spend.

Before using Perth’s public transport options, you’ll need to load the SmartRider card with some money (there is a AUD $10 minimum) to cover your fares. Fares vary, but typically cost only a few dollars for rides within and close to the city. To start your ride, tap your card on the reader when you board your selected mode of transport and be sure to tap again when you disembark.

Perth’s Visitor Information Centres

If you are moving to Perth you will definitely want to make time to explore this amazing city. There is lots to do and see. The Western Australian Visitor Centre in 55 William Street can assist with everything to help you enjoy your holiday. They can book accommodation or tours and also have a wide selection of brochures on places of interest throughout the state. 55 William Street, Perth. Ph: 08 9483 1111. Open 7 days.

Fremantle also has a helpful and informative Visitor Centre in Kings Square, near the Town Hall. Kings Square, Fremantle. Ph: 08 9431 7878. Open 7 days.

Getting a Taxis in Perth

Taxis can be flagged down in the street or there are numerous taxi ranks around the city. Taxis can also be booked in advance by calling, Swan Taxis – 13 13 30 or Black & White Cabs – 13 10 08. Friday and Saturday nights can be very busy and long queues and waiting periods are common. There are plenty of taxis available at both the Domestic and International Airports, or at hotels where the concierge can order one for you.

Perth Airport

Perth’s International Airport is 16kms from the city (30 minutes by car) and the Domestic Airport is 11km’s from the city (20 minutes by car). There are four terminals at Perth Airport – T1, T2, T3 and T4 – located at two terminal precincts that are separated by a short, 15 minute drive: the T1/T2 precinct and the T3/T4 precinct. Remember to check your itinerary carefully, or contact your airline to make sure you go to the right terminal, as a number of airlines operate from more than one terminal. The terminals are as follows:

Terminal 1 (T1) International – Most international services
Terminal 1 (T1) Virgin Australia (all interstate and some regional services)

Terminal 2 (T2) Domestic – Alliance Airlines, Tigerair (interstate services), Virgin Australia (most regional services) Regional Express (REX)
Terminal 3 (T3 & T4) Qantas (international, interstate and regional services)
Terminal 4 (T4) Jetstar (Interstate and regional services)

There is a regular Terminal Transfer Bus between the airports if you are a passenger in transit. Alternatively there is a public transport service, Transperth bus 380, which departs regularly outside the International Terminal and arrives at the Elizabeth Quay bus port and train station. Transperth bus routes 935 and 40 departs outside Domestic Terminal 4, traveling to Perth City and departing every half hour during the day or hourly after 6pm.


Australia has a goods and services retail tax (GST), prices displayed on goods is the full price, inclusive of GST. GST taxation was introduced in July 2000.


Health Requirements

If you are moving to Perth the only certificate required is a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate for visitors who have been in a Yellow Fever area six days prior to entering Australia. As Australia’s Medicare system does not cover visitors, except where reciprocal agreements exist, Medical insurance is recommended.

Tipping In Perth

Australia does not have a tradition of tipping. So therefore it is not expected, however where the service has been particularly good i.e. at a restaurant you may provide a tip if you wish.

More things to know about moving to Perth.

Moving to Perth can be a daunting process. There’s lots of other key things to know. If you need more detailed information on moving to Perth, then engaging a Perth Relocation Agent / Relocation Consultant might be a good option for you. Their job is to provide a host of information and tips on moving to Perth. It’s like having a friend on the ground in Perth, who has lived there for years. They love showcasing their beautiful city. They have lived in different Perth suburbs before and they know how the local transport works and wheres the best spots to live. 
Like our local consultants in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane,our local Perth Relocation Consultants have a wealth of knowledge and information to share.

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