There’s an added level of complexity when tenants move into apartment buildings. So, here’s our top tips for tenants moving into apartments. 

1. Apartment buildings with lifts normally require the tenant to book lift access prior to the move. Did you know that Fridays is the busiest moving day? So, we recommend that tenants book their lift access as soon as possible.

2. Tenants might also need to provide a copy of their removalists Public Liability Insurance to the Building Manager. Do this prior to moving day to ensure there are no delays on the day.

3. Most buildings have height restrictions in their loading dock. So always get the requirements first and check the removalist truck will fit.

4. Many Building Managers will only allow you to book the lifts for a 3 – 4 hour period.  So don’t forget to coordinate this delivery time with the removalist.

5. It’s good to have a backup plan in place if the removalist arrives late and you miss your designated lift access time.

Moving into apartment buildings is tricky. If you have tenants needing assistance, we are happy to help. Our relocation management support can organise all moving requirements. Contact us for more information.