Help find a rental property

Help find a rental property

In a competitive rental market, we all need as much assistance as we can to help find a rental property. Rental property prices have increased dramatically in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth over the last couple of years. In some states the residential rental market reports indicate that vacancies are at an all-time low and prices at an all-time high.

Help find a rental property – Tip 1: Be flexible

Finding a rental property is competitive. There are often more people looking for properties than what are available. You will know that when you go to open for inspections and find 20 other hopefuls all inspecting the same property as you. We recommend that you be flexible when finding a rental property. Firstly, consider your search criteria. Factors including location, features and price should be thoroughly assessed.

It’s not necessarily a good idea to have your heart set on living in one particular suburb. Be open to living in different suburbs. If you can’t find exactly what you want (in your price range) then perhaps look in neighboring suburbs or for a slightly different type of property or in a different price bracket.

Review your rental criteria. Ask yourself, what are your absolute “Must have” things in your rental property and what can you go without. Are you prepared to live a bit further out, if it means getting a more modern property? Or, would you be happy to live in a smaller place that is closer to the city. Decide what you will and will not negotiate on.

Help find a rental property – Tip 2: Pay more rent

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to find a rental property in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth you are going to be faced with the same challenge. You need to consider that most properties have had rental increases over the past couple of years. Some rental properties may have even increased by more than 10%. If you have been fortunate enough not to have had a rental increase, that’s great, but the likelihood of you finding a similar place for a similar amount of rent just won’t happen. Be prepared for this. As a relocation agent, when we start working with a client, they always have a specific rental budget in mind. However, after inspecting a couple of properties, they often realise that they cannot get much for their budget and understand that they need to increase their rental budget by $20 – $40 per week in order to get a suitable property.

If you want your perfect property, you may need to consider this, but do your math’s first. You need to work out if you pay an extra $20 per week to get your perfect property that means an extra $1040 per year. Can you afford that? .

Help find a rental property – Tip 3: Be on time at open for inspections

We all know that properties are only open for 15 minutes. So there is no time to turn up late, as every minute counts. Plus you don’t want to be arriving just as the property manager is locking up the property and ready to rush off to their next inspection. Now that wouldn’t leave a good impression either would it?

If you need assistance to help find a rental property, then contact Australian Relocation Managers. We specialise in helping people to find rental properties in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.