Relocating Your Pet

We love our animals here in Australia, with more than 60% of households owning a pet.  So we’re always happy to hear that our clients are bringing the WHOLE family on their relocation.  While travelling with a pet can be stressful, being well prepared helps the process go smoothly.  Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re relocating your pet as part of your moving plans:

  • Pet importation to Australia is essentially restricted to dogs and cats, and different restrictions apply depending on your country of origin.
  • If you’re coming from overseas, you’ll need to start the process approximately 6-7 months ahead of your move. Yes, that is MONTHS.
  • In order to maintain its biosecurity, Australia has a list of strict requirements for pet importation, including detailed paperwork, vaccinations and health assessments.
  • All cats and dogs coming into Australia are put in quarantine for 10 days.  This occurs at a facility in Victoria. So that means ALL pets flying into the country must arrive directly into Melbourne International Airport.  Animals cannot fly from overseas into another city, then travel domestically to quarantine in Melbourne.
  • The total cost of importing a pet into Australia, including permits, vet fees, blood testing and the quarantine, can be very expensive.
  • While the process for moving a pet domestically is much easier, preparations still need to be made, particularly if the animal is travelling by air.

Speaking of air travel, you’ll be happy to know that while your pet won’t be watching a movie or getting inflight service, they will experience the same cabin temperature as you. It’s reassuring to know that the pet deck is not freezing!

Relocating with Pets

Relocating with Pets

Relocating Your Pet During Covid-19

During Covid-19 the same conditions for pet importation apply and permits continue to be issued.  Australia does not require your pet to undergo any extra testing at this time.  The biggest challenge travellers are facing is booking their pets on flights into the country.  Air travel continues to be severely restricted and even more so as animals must fly into Melbourne. Keep in mind that those flights are required to be within certain hours for customs and quarantine processing.  For those whose destination is not Victoria, border closures within Australia are the next roadblock, with travel very limited between states.

Quarantine Periods

Travellers also need to consider quarantine periods that apply on arrival, and how that lines up with your pet’s quarantine.  Your pet’s 10-day stay is likely to be less than your own quarantine period. That means arrangements may need to be made for pick up and boarding etc.

Domestic pet travel has also been heavily impacted by Covid. This is due to limited flights and border closures.  Airlines which previously took bookings directly are now requiring travellers to make arrangements through pet travel specialists.

More Information On Relocating Your Pet 

If you want to learn more about the process of relocating your pet from overseas, then your first port of call is the Australian government’s Department of Agriculture site:

If you’d like us to organise your pet’s move – from overseas, interstate or just down the road – then give us a call and we’ll get started.  We work with the best pet travel specialists and can find a solution that works for you and your best mate.

Renting with Your Pet

Did you also know the good news that laws and attitudes within Australia? They are being changed to make it easier to own a pet when you live in a rental property.  However, securing that property in the first place can still be a challenge when you’re a pet owner.  Our Relocation Agents work with property managers and landlords to make the best case for your furry friends. That way the whole family can feel welcome in your new home.

Are you relocating your pet (and yourself) to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth? Then contact Australian Relocation Managers and we can help make your relocation a smooth one.