Most clients moving from overseas to Australia (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth ) will automatically engage a relocation agent to help them relocate and find a rental property, because they simply cannot do it themselves from their country of origin. However, there are also huge benefits if you live within Australia and are relocating from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to another state and need to find a rental property.

What a Relocation Agent knows that you don’t

A relocation agent has the contacts and knows the real-estate agents in their local city. A relocation agent is a very good listener and knows the right questions to ask in helping to determine what suburbs are going to be right for certain clients. A relocation agent knows the various suburbs and where you would want to live (or not live). Often when I am assisting clients to relocate to Melbourne and I am doing their rental property sourcing, I will guide them on the most appropriate suburbs to consider. Having spent the time to get to know them and their lifestyle a little, I just know the areas that would not be right for a certain client.

Relocation Agents Specialise in Helping People to Find Rental Properties

Relocation Agent

Relocation Agent

A relocation agent understands how competitive the rental market is and knows what is required to ensure clients rental application forms makes it to the top of the list. Our relocation agents knows the “tricks of the trade” when it comes to inspecting properties and viewing pictures on line…AKA if the word “Cosy” is mentioned in a property advertisement, we know it is going to be tiny, so you need to be aware of. A relocation agent gets to know first-hand about properties, the good and the bad. A relocation agent gets to know certain apartment buildings. So for example, they know from having past clients rent in a building, if it is a noisy block and if the windows have been double glazed.

Relocation Agents Live Locally

Australian Relocation Managers, relocation agents have lived in a range of suburbs and are able to recommend suburbs to clients, from first-hand experience. Our relocation agents will do whatever it takes to secure a property (once, I had a justice of a peace write a reference for a client’s dog, just to get the application across the line). And it worked!

Relocating and need some assistance. Then check out our checklist which lists the key tasks that you will need to complete when moving house and relocating.