Settling in Services

Moving to a new city can be confusing and overwhelming.  The purpose of our settling in services is to provide you with the local knowledge and experience you need to negotiate your way through these changes.  With a combination of information provided to you before you depart your current home and on the ground immersion in your new city, our aim is to have you operating comfortably and efficiently in your new home as quickly as possible.

Our settling in services include:

  • Detailed explanation of public transport networks with information on costs, ticketing, account set up, etc.
  • Information on road systems and tolls.
  • Banking information, including setting up an account prior to departure, establishing a profile and applying for credit cards etc.
  • Information about the Medicare and Private Health systems in Australia.
  • Detailed information on local services in your area, such as shopping, activities, parks, etc.
  • Specific information on your local area.

We customise our settling in services to meet your exact needs and requirements. Your Relocation Agent will spend a lot of time talking with you during the briefing process to understand your needs. They will then provide you with the relevant information and guide you through this.

It’s reassuring to know that when you are relocating to a new city that you have access to an experienced and caring Relocation Agent who has a wealth of local knowledge to share.

Settling in services is just one of the many relocation services that we offer. Our Arrival Assistance is another very popular service we offer. Our boutique unpacking which is delivered by a team of experienced ladies is very popular with our busy clients who just want to arrive in their new city, with the home completely set up and ready for their arrival.

For more information on any of our services, please contact us.